"ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL"


To all U.S. Veterans everyplace: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND SERVICE!!!

This page is also dedicated to those veterans (with service connected disabilities) that are still fighting
with the V.A. in order to recieve benefits that you and THEY know that you deserve.  Keep fighting!

                           I'ts only a matter of time before all will come to light.

And to:

SD1 Raymond Couser, who laid in the bed suffering for years after being commendated for having spent a very
long time aboard ship and after giving 22 years of service in the NAVY,  Died from CANCER brought on by,
Mesothelioma a few years before the V.A. ever recognized it.

And I will be forever Grateful to: Henry Neal: For showing me the Beetles: Steppin Stones, and Mary Mary.
on the guitar, it's because of you that I even bought a Guitar.

And to: Gary Richter:  Who was the first Drummer I ever saw with a semi-circle drum set, and one of the BEST
Drummer's I ever had the pleasure to jam with!