Glad you made it!

thanks for coming!

 I hope you find something here that you can enjoy, and maybe 

even pass along to a few friends.

I try to play something a little different than what I have played

in the past.

I still as of this date 2016 still play everything by hand, except for

the Drums.  And I 'm working on that now!

So in other words I play; Guitar, Bass, Keyboard.

No computer software to clean, quantize, lock tracks, make you sound perfect with timing etc.

Just me playing each instrument. 

I'm not knocking computer software, when it is used to clean up.

ie: hiss removal, and other types of 'fine tuning'.

And for those who play no instrument, and you make your music

just with the software alone, more Power to you.

At least you are making Music!

But for those that play, it is a different type of feeling.

Sort of like a painter that starts with a blank canvas.

If you have a paint program that has images that you just

cut and paste.  Sure when it's done you can have pride, because

you did it.

But when you have NO program, just a blank canvas, well than

it's ALL YOU!

And of course you can take pride it what you painted as well.

BUT, it's a different type of fullfillness.

YOU know it will be quite more of a challange to reproduce what

you have done without a little more skill!

Nevertheless, Do what ever makes you feel good!

And always, "STAND BY YOUR MUSIC", even if it is Different than

everything you have ever heard.  No matter what your friends might say.

If it makes YOU FEEL GOOD DO IT!

Who knows you might just start something new!

Have FUN!!!

Hope you enjoy!

New Release Coming Soon!