Who do I Sound Like?! 

That unfortunately for me, is very Difficult to Answer. I'm ALL OVER THE PLACE, It might be ANYTHING from Classical, to FUNK, Blues, PoP, Jazz, or ANYTHING Else!!

And when I Write a Song I Have No Clue what Genre they will turn out to be.

I'm Not complaining, it just really makes it hard when they ASK for Distributing purposes!

One thing I can say, is that Most of my songs are Instrumentals!! Mainly because I can't Sing.

But with 500 Songs in my Catalog at Least 50 are Vocal Songs!

So, Back I go into the Studio…

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New Equipment and Setup! 

Finally something with a little more tonality.

Something with some Motif sounds!

Better quality, and better sound.

Yamaha MX61, a bread and butter keyboard, should make a big difference in my overall sound.

Let us see what comes next.

A new Happy Place,for some NEW MUSIC! 

well it's been quite a while and quite a long journey. But I'am finally home.

A lot has happened in the past year or so.  Not all of them have been good but, things are a whole lot better now.


Time for something new. I had a chance to meet up with one of my earliest Inspirations.

He was the First reason I even picked up the Guitar in the first place.  Also the fact that it looked really cool to be able to play.

Yes, Henry Neal from Clayton La. U.S.A.

And he is still playing after all these years, albeit…

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in a song writing mood 

Just finished listening to my last CD and decided that it is time for something new and different.


oops in too much pain today....

Dec 4, 2013,  Finished Jerk 7....In allot of pain afterwards but worth it!