AHLONNAE - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, Vocals


                                         "Expressions in sound"

  My hopes are to enter the Film, Video, TV, Cable Industry.

And to inspire people not to just learn one instrument but maybe 2 or 3.

And to those out there that were made fun of because of their music to stand and jam with yourself

if you have to.

                                          "STAND BY YOUR MUSIC"

My music:

  I've been inspired by a lot of different people, from Jimi Hendrix,War, Curtis Mayfield, Deep
Purple, Robin Trower, Earth, wind, & Fire, Henry Neal, Jethro Tull, Santana, Black Sabbath, Parlament,
Funkadelic, Beetles, Issac Hayes, Isley Bros., Ted nugent........

Let me just say, it boils down to how I felt that particular moment in time.  Very little if anything
is ever planned, and it's more like 'a live band playing event' or 'Jam Session' with myself.

By 'live',  I mean it wasn't "sweetened", or fixed up. Where you take out the mistakes and use special
equipment or software to added instruments or voices in a recording studio.  Just me playing each
Instrument by hand as much as I can (sometimes I used a basic drum beat inside the keyboard, but
other times it's strictly just fingers or hands).

I pretty much just leave it as it is or was recorded. Hence the word "LIVE".  So this means nothing
is locked to a click track so there will be slight timing errors or maybe even missed or bad notes.
Hence the "like a live band playing".

So no trickery, here what you get is just me...AHLONNAE.

Sometimes in the name of perfection some artists may spend years on an album only to sometimes throw
it out, and that's ok for them.  But for me I couldn't do that.

I've had some days where I literly only took 15 minutes for the drums, bass, rhythm, lead, keys!
And some other days where it took 2 or even 3 days, and also those days where I finished the day
with 2 songs.

I never have been to any music schools of any type.  (I can hear some of the haters say: we can tell! LOL)
But I don't let that stop me.  I just keep writing as many as I can.  ( I wonder what the world record is?)

My objective is to play as many different genres as possible if possible.  And try to learn and
use as many different types of instruments in songs as possible.  And maybe do a few Film/Tv projects along
the way.

And to try and change things up a bit.  You never know what type of Music you will hear from me.
So I'm trying also to not have a set style.  So I won't be "pigeon holed" into a style. ;-)  

The bad thing is, one would have to listen to every single song to understand where I was coming from

The good thing is, I hope to cross many genres and mix it up a bit.

Sometimes when I play I feel half dead when I finish a song, sweat pouring down my whole body.
And Oh let me not leave out the PAIN!!! Unfortunetly for me the places that I hurt are the places
that affect my disabilites!!  And now to top it off my index finger on my left hand is numb and tingles.

But Iam no different than most people you do what you love whether it hurts or not! Depending on how serious
you are about your hobby or thing.

To be honest I have my favorite songs, and some I don't care for as much, but nevertheless, I'm still
proud to have done what I have done with only a couple of classes from my friend Henry Neal, who taught me
2 Beetle songs: Stepping Stones, and Mary Mary. and I thank him for this every chance that I get. I'm at 328
songs. as of 10-1-2013. One must remember each song is just how I felt that particular moment in time.  Nothing
is ever planned except for the remake of a couple of older songs. Or like in the case of "SLUT", I had this
thought that 'your next song should be named 'slut', so I said "OK",  out loud, "slut it is", and made slut.

Over the years thru divorces good and bad times my music/guitar has always been there for me.

I don't profess to be a singer, but I spent too long waiting and looking for singers, my songs were stacking
up waiting for the singers to do their part, and I finally gave up after hearing some of the newer singers
out there and tired of holding song completion up, I decided to do it myself in as many diffrerent voices
as I possibly can as well as I can.  My wife sang in 2 songs.
("Give it to me 1 more time" & "Place your Gods here".)

                                            "STAND BY YOUR MUSIC"!!!

Even if no one else around you at the time likes it, stand by your music.  The hardest thing sometimes is
finding someone else that likes your kind or kinds of music, but hang in there. Record yourself you never know.

And one more thing, There will always be haters!  And to them I say: If you don't like any of my music, thats
ok, you never know what I will write and play next.  And for the major haters: I've got 328 completed
songs across multiple genres, what you got?!

Keep forever jamming:  AHLONNAE  

                                            "STAND BY YOUR MUSIC"!!!