A new Happy Place,for some NEW MUSIC!

well it's been quite a while and quite a long journey. But I'am finally home.

A lot has happened in the past year or so.  Not all of them have been good but, things are a whole lot better now.


Time for something new. I had a chance to meet up with one of my earliest Inspirations.

He was the First reason I even picked up the Guitar in the first place.  Also the fact that it looked really cool to be able to play.

Yes, Henry Neal from Clayton La. U.S.A.

And he is still playing after all these years, albeit it be BASS instead of Guitar.  No matter!

At least he is still playing something!

So we might be doing a Song or 2 or 3 Later on down the road.  Once he ties up some minor matters.

Everybody else that I knew that played no longer do so.  Most of them say they lost that certain something.

But one thing about Music you can usually always go back to it.

Some of us Love it too much to ever quit.

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